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Work Smarter.
Work Faster.
Work More Efficiently.

AutoDesign is a custom software solution designed to automate much of your engineering workload. It is built to integrate with all major CAD systems.

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No Mistakes

Humans make mistakes.
Even the best engineers can make errors resulting in expensive delays, corrections or repairs. Our automated software is built around the robust AutoDesign code engine. Delivering reliable results every time.



Save Time

Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks.
Everyday engineers have to repeat tasks. Whether in CAD, drafting or checking many similar and time consuming jobs will take up hours of your employee’s time. AutoDesign can be custom built to automate tasks specific to your business. What previously took engineers hours can now be done in seconds! This means projects can be delivered in shorter timeframes and your company can get more done.

Save Money

Reduce engineering hours and deliver project quicker.
Time is money. Using AutoDesign reduces the engineering man hours required to complete a project saving your business money. This newfound efficiency can speed up project turnaround so you can potentially take on more work. Even quite small companies will quickly see a return on their investment in AutoDesign.

Engineers get creative

Using AutoDesign doesn’t mean you have to reduce your number of human engineers. Instead they can get creative by focusing their minds on the next project or something new entirely.

Exceptional performance. Design time and cost comparison.

(For Example) Engineer costs $50 /hour × 5 hours = $250
AutoDesign software price $2 /hour × 5 seconds (0.0014 hours) = Less Than $0.01
Cost can be reduced by $249.99 by our software.

$50 /hr
Engineer’s Cost

5 hours
Human Design Time


$2 /hr
AutoDesign Licence

5 seconds
Software Time

With AutoDesign you can remove unnecessary set up time.

Laborious and complicated software setup becomes unnecessary. Freeing up your mechanical engineer’s time.
Accelerate standardization.

$50 /hr
Engineer’s Cost

12 months
Your Company Engineer’s Time

$0 /hr
Engineer’s Cost

1 month
OMKS Staff

OMKS conveyor design

Success Stories

AutoDesign has already been successfully integrated into a number of conveyer companies helping them achieve dramatic gains in work efficiency.

“It’s amazing just how much of our day-to-day engineering work could be automated. It’s saved us so much time!”

Mark Holme, Head of Engineering, Conveyer Co.

OMKS Tailored Design

Tailored For You

AutoDesign is customised to fit your exact needs

Step 1

Consultation & Development

The process starts by us discussing your design and engineering activities and what you want to automate. This is all done under the strictest confidentiality. Our specialist team then analyses your work process flows and write custom software to dramatically streamline many of your day-to-day engineering tasks.

Step 2

Trial Period

A version of AutoDesign software, unique to your business, is created and available as a no obligation trial. You are free to test the reliability and effectiveness with real world projects for a limited time. What previously took engineers hours can now be done in seconds!

Step 3

Integration + Savings

We then listen to your feedback and can further optimise your software if necessary. If you are satisfied we then fully integrate AutoDesign into your design and engineering department. You start to see the dramatic time and cost savings.

Demo Videos

OMKS autodesign smoke

CAD Excel

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Hyoudai Changer

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List Check

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Insert Motor

AutoDesign Features

Drafting without drawing

Simply select a specification; AutoDesign creates assembly drawings and parts diagrams.

Output a bill of materials instantaneously

AutoDesign can export a bill of materials in Excel file format.

Instant Checks

Easily verify consistency of drawings and bill of materials with AutoDesign

Easy Technical Calculations

AutoDesign handles power and structure calculations with ease.

Synchronized changes in seconds

Bulk changes, such as title fields, are lightning quick with AutoDesign.

Output General Assembly Drawings

AutoDesign generates entire layout drawings using part data.

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