Application requirments

Software engineer

Business content You develop and propose software related to process improvement in the manufacturing industry using various APIs.Beginners are trained in mechanical and electrical design in a predefined curriculum after joining the company.
Employment status regular employee, contact employee
Work location main office(OMKS Inc.)
working hours

9:00~18:00(8 hours of actual work)

※No overtime(After 18:00 will be paid orvertime.)


basic salary:200,000~500,000 yen

※Determined in consideration of skills, years of experience, age, etc.

※Trial employment period is 6 months.(Salary and treatment remain the same.)

Bonuses and raises

Raise:Once a year(Apr)

Bonus:Twice a year(Jul, Dec)


Two days off every week(Sat, Sun)、Public holiday、GW holidays, Summer vacation, New Year holidays, Paid holiday, Annual holiday of 120 days or more

Welfare and treatment

Work in plain clothes, Commuting by motorcycle、Various insurances, Condolence money, Regular health check

Various benefits

commutation allowance, overtime allowance, executive allowance

Education system

Business training support system, Study support system, Self-development support system

Hiring process
  • ーStep1 Apply from contact-form
  • ーStep2 Aptitude test, an interview
  • ーStep3 Job offer

※We are suporse to release job offer 2,3 weeks after job interview.

※Please do not hesitate to consult on the interview day or joining date.

※Please bring with you your redume and job description paper. 

Contact info



Support:Ikemoto, Furuya