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Our team is

OMKS is a place where people naturally express individual character.We have valued “freedom” and “curiosity” of each of team.It’s very important to create new way of engineering.We think it’s the job of OMKS to find and nurture the best places for them to grow their abilities. Also we are developing engineer who can go across many kinds of fields.

Our team

  • Takuya marumo

    ‣Takuya Marumo

    Try and error everyday to solve
    bigger problem of efficiency in production engineering

    The purpose is the same, but the way to get to it depends on the person. That’s why when giving guidance to juniors, we try and error together with respect the will of juniors. Have a flexible idea regardless of experience is a shortcut to problem solving.

  • Kenta Kuranoshita

    ‣Kenta Kuranoshita

    OMKS is the place that makes
    your creativity accelerate.

    The good thing about OMKS is that it accepts diverse values and personalities. An environment that allows me to do what I want to do, such as growing plants or a 3D printer, supports my creation. If there’s something weird in the company, that’s mostly my doing.

  • Yuta Takahashi

    ‣Yuta Takahashi

    Curiosity makes you grow.

    I started this job with no experience. It is difficult to learn a wide range of training, but every day is full of new things. I’m currently looking for what to be, but later I want to be an engineer who can be used on any road.

  • Saeko Furuya

    ‣Saeko Furuya

    You can be the original because you have point of view as a women.

    I am involved in both administrative and engineering work. Because they will evaluate the unique perspective of women, take advantage of my strengths. The environment is easy to work because they understand housework and childcare.

  • Mishizu Ikemoto

    ‣Tetuto Inui

    Feel free to express yourself
    in barrier free environment

    All employees are willing to take my opinion, regardless of position or age. Most of my work is basically personal play, but it is an environment where I can exchange opinions and consultation smoothly.

  • Nobutaka Yokoyama

    ‣Nobutaka Yokoyama

    I will greedyly pursue what I want to do.

    I was tired of the job of just designing, so I left the design office where I worked for 16 years and joined the company. This company can not only design but also engage in proposal to after follow of machines.

Application requirments

Ready For a New Challenge? Join Us!
We’are seeking Hardware and Software engineers.

Application and job interview

Flow of the job interview
  • ーStep1 Apply from contact-form
  • ーStep2 Aptitude test、an interview
  • ーStep3 Job offer

※We are suporse to release job offer 2,3 weeks after job interview.
※Please bring with you your redume and job description paper.

Place of the interview

□Head branch
Hotta bldg. 3F 2banchi uchihata-cho takedanaka
fushimiku kyoto city Japan

6 minutes by walk from Kintetsu Line Takeda sta. No.6 entrance
1 min by walk from Keihan bus stop “Takeda uchihata-cho sta.”

Contact info

Support: Ikemoto, FuruyaTEL:075-634-8521TEL:075-634-8521

※In case of that you don’t get any call from us after 10 days of job interview,please call our support member.

Company Profile

Company Name OMKS Inc.
Address Postal code 〒612-8446
Hotta bldg. 3F 2banchi uchihata-cho takedanaka fushimiku kyoto city Japan
TEL 075-634-8521075-634-8521
FAX 075-634-8522
Amount of capital 4 millons YEN
Date of establishment 24 / May / 2016
Representative director Ryuichi Ota
Our Business Making Production line, Contract design, 3DCAD modeling Platform