About us


OMKS is the company that provides Production line and Saas service.
We contribute to innovate about the better process of making production line with key phrase
    “Make it better for tomorrow and Next generations”
And We promiss to find the best solutions for the customers with our specific skills and experiences.

Develop this world more Automotive

Develop this world more Automotive

Nowadays , technical development is very fast so that the companies are everywhere which require engineers. In the other side engineers work is getting harder and deeper. We aim to reduce their work load to expand their achievement on production engineering. OMKS provide the tools for “Automation tool for design” and release many engineers from simple and repeat task. realize more creative work and efficient work.

We promise that we offer the way of efficient solution for production engineering

CEO Ryuichi Ota

Our Mission


“Make it better for tomorrow
and Next generations”
“Excite everyone !!”


Eliminate the non-creative work from this world


  • 1.Faster than the others
  • 2.Make the customers happy with the uniqueness
  • 3.Design functionally and beautifully

Company Profile

Company Name OMKS Inc.
Address Postal code 〒612-8446
Hotta bldg. 3F 2banchi uchihata-cho takedanaka fushimiku kyoto city Japan
TEL 075-634-8521075-634-8521
FAX 075-634-8522
Amount of capital 4 millons YEN
Date of establishment 24 / May / 2016
Representative director Ryuichi Ota
Our Business Making Production line, Contract design, 3DCAD modeling Platform