OMKS software speed blur

Transform 5 hours design time to 5 seconds

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5 hours design
in 5 seconds

Eliminate human error
Automate engineering work
Thorough standardisation
Trial versions available

Integrates with all major CAD systems

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OMKS autodesign smoke
OMKS geometry angles

About OMKS

We are dynamic start-up based in Kyoto, Japan. Our growing team of engineers are fluent in both mechanical design and software design. This unique fusion of skills makes our tailored software solutions exceptionally efficient.

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OMKS autodesign smoke

Exceptional performance. Design time and cost comparison.

(For Example)
Engineer costs $50 /hour × 5 hours = $250
AutoDesign software price $2 /hour × 5 seconds (0.0014 hours) = Less Than $0.01
Cost can be reduced by $249.99 by our software

$50 /hr
Engineer’s Cost

5 hours
Human Design Time


$2 /hr
AutoDesign Licence

5 seconds
Software Time

Design Services

OMKS offer a range of mechanical engineering and electrical engineering services.

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Mechanical Engineering
Production Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Software Design
Project Management

Cut the time and guess work out of estimates

Dramatically speed up making estimates. Costs, timescales and resources our AutoEstimate software can do this work accurately in seconds.

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OMKS AutoEstimate

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